Hub: Hub Adelaide

Hub Adelaide was constructed in a disused building in Peel Street, to foster innovation and help grow small businesses.  The initiative was announced by Deputy Premier John Rau in March 2013 as part of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructures “Vibrant City” Initiative.  There was extensive community engagement that took place over 6 months, culminating in the opening and community launch in September 2013.

Hub Adelaide is an epicentre for the cross-pollination of people, ideas and initiatives. It fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation by providing hosted spaces, learning events and opportunities to connect. It provides the infrastructure - both physical, social and online - for new activities and initiatives which are generated by its community members.

Hub Adelaide joined the Hub Australia network, which includes over 1000 members -innovators and entrepreneurs from hundreds of different organisations.  Hub Australia has three physical locations: in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Impacts on members and the local business community include:

  •   Hub Adelaide primarily serves SMEs, which have cumulatively added approx. 36 jobs, contributing an extra $5.76M to economy.
  •   Over 90% of survey respondents find Hub Adelaide gives them same or better work / life balance than normal office.
  •   92% of cowork members consider Hub critical to their commercial success.
  •   30% of members report receiving additional revenue opportunities from Hub membership.


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